Mind Wide Open

That’s the name of a fairly new blog http://www.mind-wideopen.blogspot.com/ for mixed media artists, which promises to be more fun than should be allowed!  They started off with a bang, having a challenge in which you’re to use a provided image and a word prompt to create whatever you like.  There’s a prize for whoever gets the most votes, but they emphasize that the prize is to motivate us to stretch our boundaries and rise up to the challenge (you only get one week to work on it).

I am SO not into contests/challenges in which the winner is decided by public vote, because that always ends up being whoever begs the most people to vote for their entry.  In fact – warning, confession coming up! – if someone in a group or forum I belong to posts a message asking everyone to go vote for their entry?  I go to the site and vote for someone else’s!  LOL  (Okay, it’s always because I like that entry better, not because I’m being a snot or anything.)  I don’t like people telling me who to vote for; not online, not at the polls!

But, enough grumbling.  I decided to take part in the challenge anyway, for a couple reasons.  One, the image they provided is so beautiful, there’s no way I wouldn’t use it eventually anyway.  And two, I’ve always found the best part of taking an art class is seeing how everyone else puts their own spin on a project.  It’s fascinating how differently people complete the same project with the same instructions, and I always get even more cool ideas just by walking around near the end of the class and peeking at everyone else’s work.

Mind Wide Open is going to have a challenge every month and tutorials and all kinds of fun stuff, so check it out when you get a chance; it’s a beautiful blog.

The image they provided for the first challenge is of a lovely girl with flowers on a collaged background; the word prompt is “remembrance.”  I actually ended up making two projects; the first is all fabric and I did a lot of sewing on it.  For whatever reason, it just didn’t come together in a way that I liked.  I think I can salvage it eventually, but for now, I decided to start over from scratch.  This one is made on an old book cover with paper scraps, paint, sewing pattern tissue, sheet music, wide sheer ribbon and a chipboard key (Bazzill) that I embossed with “antique copper” embossing powder.  (I used a similar key on my pink journal, except with “not so tarnished copper.”)  For whatever reason, I couldn’t get a good photo of it.

I’m excited to see what everyone else makes; it is sure to be inspiring!

mind wide open challenge

5 Responses to “Mind Wide Open”

  1. Terri Says:

    Love the chipboard key! I gotta try that – I should probably get some embossing powder, eh?

  2. Sandy Says:

    I had the same thoughts you did about the art challenge. I don’t like to vote or even compete and almost backed out. I have to be honest, I didn’t vote for myself! I, like you, was more interested in stretching myself. I am also fascinated by how one single image can be interpreted by different artists. It was a fun challenge. Best of luck!

  3. Kathryn Says:

    I too share your sentiments about the contest. I did enter more because it is an opportunity to play and share with others. I’m so impressed with the turn out and what everyone has done. Recently I’ve had some experiments gone bad, quite laughable really. I’m glad you participated, I’m learning a lot from everyone and getting ideas to break out of my own creative routines. Thanks for playing!

  4. Sherry Says:

    I’m part of the design team at Shabby Cottage Studio and as such I am voting only, not participating.

    While I share the sentiment that voting by others can become a popularity contest, keep in mind that there will be others voting who have not contributed and it will be more “juried” than anything else. That is the intent behind the contests at Mind Wide Open.

    The amazing array of work is testimony that each entrant is a fabulous artist in her own right.

    Your interpretation of the image is striking and softly feminine which works well with the colours, texture and tone…it’s simply beautiful.

    Hopefully people will continue to find the challenge itself rewarding and enter a piece of work each month — the added bonus to this is that you will have a part of art to offer for sale (if you sell your work), or to admire for yourself…something that you might not otherwise have done.

    Best of luck to you!!!

  5. audrey h. Says:

    This is so gorgeous and I love the colors you chose for it 🙂

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