Umbrella ATCs

I may have signed up for too many ATC swaps lately.  (Maybe.)  I just noticed yesterday that these are due to the hostess – in Canada, no less – in six days.  And I can’t mail until Monday.  (YIKES!)  The theme of this ATC swap is “don’t forget your umbrella.”  Anything with an umbrella goes, according to the hostess.  And while technically mine are probably considered parasols, I’m hoping they’ll count.  And hoping they get there in time.  (I hate hate hate being late!)

The backgrounds are from a small stash of hideously expensive washi papers I bought a few years ago .  The geisha is a Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers stamp and the parasol is a cocktail umbrella.  Serendipitously, the handle I made for the parasol (a strip of black cardstock) does double duty, cleverly hiding one of the geisha’s “naughty bits.”  Personally, I don’t mind artistic nudity, but I figured it would be best to play it safe.  🙂

umbrella atcs

One Response to “Umbrella ATCs”

  1. Terri Says:

    I LOVE these! Very creative expression of the theme.

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