What We Love

So I started a new project, thanks to Tina http://tina-wright.blogspot.com/, who shared her discovery of these 5″ stretched canvases at Michael’s for a buck apiece!  They’re designed for kids and have various pre-printed motifs, but other than that, they seem no different than the same sized canvases over in the art supply aisle, which are $3.50 apiece!


I decided to make a wall hanging, similar to what Tina did, by decorating several of them and hooking them together.  It took me a couple of days to come up with a theme.  I finally decided on “things that make life worth living.”  Or, “what we love.”  (Eventually I hope to think of a better way to express this.)

I decided to use two of Teresa McFayden’s technique ideas; the first is this fun background, which I’ve fallen in love with lately.  You start by pasting down various paper scraps.  I like to use gel medium, but a glue stick would probably work just as well.

step 1

Next, brush on three or four colors of paint.  The paint is watered down considerably (about 50-50) so that the papers will still show through.

step 2 

The colors were a little too bold here; I wanted the background to recede more.  I brushed on some watered-down gesso, then dabbed off most of it with a paper towel.  Ah, much better.

step 3

I picked five items that fit in with my theme and found silhouettes of each with a Google image search to use as patterns.  I cut the pieces from scrapbook paper and text from old books and glued them onto the canvas.  Fun!  The final touch was another Teresa McFayden technique: enhancing with charcoal pencils.  (Teresa uses black for shading and depth; I also used white for highlighting).  I used the black pencil on the edges of the canvases as well.

I haven’t decided in which order I’m going to put these; all I know is they’ll be in a vertical format.  I need to buy some eye hooks and small chains so I can put them together.  I’m also thinking of adding some cut-out words to each; I may wait to see how they look hooked together first.










9 Responses to “What We Love”

  1. 3rdEyeMuse Says:

    these are FANTASTIC! Thanks for sharing the process, too. 🙂

  2. Amber Says:


    Thank you for joining us Lisa!
    Amber Dawn

  3. Kathryn Says:

    These are wonderful! I love them. Oh whimsical and fun! Thanks for sharing the technique and showing the images along the way. I think my favorite is the teapot or maybe the cupcake. hmmmmm can’t decide.

  4. Michelle Parrish Says:

    Thanks for stopping by my little party at the shop on sat for Vanessa. It is lovely to meet you!!!!



  5. Stacey Newton Says:

    Hi- I was wondering if you’d share your email address and mailing address with me so I can send you your free gift (for leaving a comment on my blog). Everyone who left a comment between June 28th and July 1st gets a free present in honor of Vanessa Valencia’s Fanciful Twist Tea Party! I haven’t decided if I’m going to do a web gift or a snail mail gift so I need both. I promise I won’t share your addresses with anyone else and I will only use them for this giveaway. I would like to keep them on file to give you future info on Flotsam and Jetsam happenings but I completely understand if you’d like me to toss your info after I send you your gift.
    Thanks so much and have a happy 4th-
    Stacey Newton

  6. Cindy Says:

    These are really cool! I can’t believe you two found those for so cheap and I DIDN’T! LOL. I love what you did with this…very cute indeed.


  7. Sherry Says:

    Wow. I’m almost speechless…I adore these — I love the way you did them and how fabulous they look!

  8. Nan Says:

    Love these…..the little bird is just too sweet….Off to Michaels soon!

  9. Lynn Says:

    So happy Sherry sent me over here, I want to give this technique a try , it’s amazing! Thank you so much for sharing.

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