A Virtual Party and a Give-Away!

mad tea party

Today we celebrate Vanessa’s 200th post!  (Or is it 201st?  Something like that.)  She is having a FABU party on her site: http://afancifultwist.typepad.com/a_fanciful_twist/ – you simply must go see all the amazing accoutrements she has whipped up for our delight!

I couldn’t be at the party since I have to work today (poo!), but I am sending two “ambassadors” to drink lots of pink lemonade and eat lots of scrumptious desserts for me.  The first is Waphels, who worked on his costume all night.

 waphels at party

As you can see, Waphels is a party animal!  (Literally.)

I am also sending Cherubic, who doesn’t say or do much – ever – and will probably be very polite and restrained at Vanessa’s party.  Dear, are you  having trouble with your costume?

cherubic face

Oh, you look fine!  And I most certainly did make the eye holes in your mask large enough.  (It’s not as though you’re going to be dancing or anything.)  I see you’ve glammed up for the party.  Love the crown, dear, and that lipstick is so you!

party cherub

Cherubic has chosen to adorn herself with the same colors as this banner I made for the party.  I found out that it is very difficult to photograph a banner – they are rather large! – and especially when one has to stay indoors because it’s raining all afternoon.


Here’s a little closer look.  I apologize for the fuzziness; I didn’t want to use the flash and it was raining, so the natural light was a little…well, unnatural.

 side view banner

Bright colors, lots of glitter, silvery stars!  The banner is approximately 5 ft long and there are loops on each end for hanging on hooks or nails, but it’s so light you can just tape it on the wall as I’ve done here.  The back is finished so it can be hung in a doorway, or perhaps outdoors on a tree?  It’s up to whoever wins it.  Yes, I am giving away this banner!  Just leave a comment in this post telling me about the best party gift you ever got.  Doesn’t matter if you were five or fifty, I’d love to hear about the best one ever!  🙂  I’ll randomly draw a name on Sunday evening and post the winner on Monday.

Thanks so much for inviting me to the party, Vanessa; congrats on your (202nd?) post and hope you have a wonderful time!


58 Responses to “A Virtual Party and a Give-Away!”

  1. Terri Says:

    Hey Waphels! The Cherub looks like maybe she’s been putting a little something extra in her tea! Love the banner, Lisa!

  2. Louise Says:

    what fun I had here today….
    adore Miss Cherubic, she looks so cute
    and ready for this day..

    Happy mad hatter to you,,,,


  3. Carrie West Says:

    Hello~ What a very pretty post! Waphels is adorable!!! I love the crown that the angel is wearing!!!!!
    Please count me in the give~away! You can run over to my blog and enter my give~away if you’d like!!!

    Nice to meet you!

  4. Kathryn Says:

    I love how Cherubic is dressed for the party. Great banners too. Thanks for stopping by my tea party. Miss V has done a wonderful job of inspiring us all!

  5. calamity kim Says:

    OH! How lovely! The banner is great fun! Sorry you had to work…I am saving you a slice of cake! It should be ready by the time you get home from work! teehee!
    calamity kim

  6. Ashe Mischief Says:

    It’s been lovely chatting with your ambassadors! Lottie is most delighted with the time she’s spent with Waphels and enjoys the feline friendship.

    You’ve done a bang up job on the banner! It’s lovely.

    (As for my best party gift? My lover boy surprised me with floor seats to Duran Duran for my 23rd birthday! Even better, I was surrounded by a dozen good friends of mine. I still drool over memories of Simon LeBon in a chauffeur uniform!)

  7. Lissette Says:

    Thank you for inviting me to your tea party and for stopping by! I’m having a blast with the ambassadors. Everything is super lovely and I adore the cherub and the banner is gorgeous. Now let’s have a slice of cake and some Pizzelles!

  8. Cindy Says:

    Why I love both of your ambassadors! Adorable indeed! And the banner is too cute! Hope I win! : D


  9. Sherry Says:

    Well if you have to work (which isn’t much fun) you’ve chosen 2 adorable ambassadors to represent you — and the banner? It’s gorgeous!! We’ll have some cake for you at Vanessa’s and I’m sure the ambassadors will bring some home for you!

  10. Gabriela Delworth Says:


    Thank you so much for your visit and kind comments. I loved your party! How fun!

    ~ Gabriela ~

  11. Sue - TheMagicBartender Says:

    Happy Mad TEA Party!!
    Nice to meet You!

    I’m tryin’ to gain 20lbs @ this party!!
    LOL ;-D
    Cheers, Sue `*>~[

  12. flutterbyblue Says:

    Oh how fun! So lovely to meet you! My favorite birthday gift ever was a big bag of Twerps. Despite the CVS-tackiness of such a gift, they are my favorite movie snack food! When I first met my boyfriend he noticed that I ate these candies with a passion on our first date. One year later for my birthday he bought me my very own bag!

  13. Kat Says:

    Your banner is too cute! I tried to make one, but I am banner-impaired, so I opted for a drawing instead. Cherubic’s party crown is just lovely as well. And because you had to work today the mermaids and faeries at Katlandia will have some extra tea and cakes just for you.
    Happy day!
    ❤ Kat

  14. kayellen Says:

    Hi !
    Love the cherub statue…just darling:)
    Cute banner you made also!


  15. beshka Says:

    hello! it’s wonderful here. your cat looks amazing, as does that fun banner! thanks for stopping by & thanks for having me! =)

  16. LizzyJ Says:

    Oh what fun cosutmes! Thank you for stopping by my party earlier. The banner is wonderful!
    My best gift ever? It’s a baby bonnet my mother gave me for “something old” on my wedding day. It was the very one the hospital gave out the day I was born and came with a great vintage note about how it’s baby’s first bonnet and will someday become a wedding hankie. It was a great surprise!
    Funny, but I was going to blog about it in my next bost! You should stop by to see the pics and card in a few days. Have fun!

  17. Theresa Says:

    Happy Mad Tea Party Day!
    Cherubic, is simply angelically dress for the occasion. And that banner is terrific! Isn’t glitter fun. It was lovely dropping by for tea.

  18. Lori Says:

    My best party gift was a skit done by some friends for me, sort of like a “This is Your Life”. They totally surprised me and I have never forgotten that night…:-) I ADORE your banner and really hope to win! Thanks for the opportunity!:-) Lori

  19. mystele Says:

    thanks so much for stopping by my blog!

  20. A Fanciful Twist Says:

    OHHH!!!! LOVE IT!!! What a fab party animal!!! And, that polks dot mask on that adorable cherubin!!!!! WONDERFUL!!!

  21. suze Says:

    Great party! Sorry you had to work today:(
    Come by my party later…I’ll be up late. And enter my drawing.

  22. rochambeau Says:

    I’m reporting in! Saw your ambassadors today at the Tea Party. They’ve been doing an excellent job representing you . BUT just so you have the full report: I saw Waphels doing the funky chicken with the White Rabbit out on the dance floor and hope you wont be upset, but I do believe I spied Cherub French kissing with the Mad Hatter! in case she comes home Lipsickless, now you’ll know why!!!
    Hope you have a magical night.
    Great post!
    Here’s to VV and
    Here’s to you!

  23. Nancy ~ Fete et Fleur Says:

    Your ambassadors have been the very spirit of politeness. Though I must say Mr. Waphels manners could be improved at the tea table! Lovely banner.


  24. Denise Fontaine Says:

    Wow love the cherub and crown,banner so festive!
    Denise Nantasket Beach Mass.

  25. Deana Says:

    wow, looks like the kitty is a party animal. cherubic looks like such a lady sitting there. thanks for stopping by my blog. deana

  26. Amy Says:

    Thank you for inviting me over. Sorry you had to be at work, but, your ambassadors will tell you all about it. And, it looks they had their work cut out for them, you had alot of visitors. And, I can see why, everything looks lovely. Thanks for visiting me at my little tea. Amy

  27. Betty @ She's Sew Pretty Says:

    Oh…love the kitty and that Cherub is just, well, cherubic! too cute~!

  28. somepinkflowers Says:

    well, thank you for stopping by my blog
    and inviting me over to your blog.

    that was so very thoughtful1

    oh my,
    the best gift i ever got….



    i HAVE been very fortunate in my life
    so there are so many
    the BEST gift
    would have to be my passport!

    it was the best thing
    as i really bought me the whole-wide-world.

  29. The Mystic Fairy Says:

    Hi Lisa,
    What beautiful charm!
    Love the cherub and banner, beautiful displays.
    Thanks for being such a fab guest at my party!
    Tea Party Pals, wine at my digs I mean blog

  30. mya Says:

    Love your party guests especially the party animal. I would love to party with him any day.

  31. Paula Clare Says:

    Hi there!
    Thanks so much for stopping by my party…the hot tub is heated up and ready for you! Sign me up for your banner…it’s TOO fabulous! Hasn’t this been a fun day? It will take me til midnight to get to all the parties going on! YAY! PAR-TAY!

  32. Stacey Newton Says:

    Hi! What a great banner:) Thanks for stopping by my blog …

  33. Stacey Newton Says:

    oh- forgot to tell you my favorite gift ever… hmmm… Probably my Mac mini laptop. I love it and use it so much. My husband helped me choose it (he’s the computer guru!)…

  34. Michelle Says:

    Loving it all!!!! I’m not sure about the best party gift I ever received. I don’t think “the best” has happened yet. Most people do not get me(not even my family…I LOVE very unusual stuff) therefore, I’m still waiting. 🙂
    Happy Tea Party Day!!!

  35. melissa Says:

    What a party! So glad I stopped in!

  36. Karen Young Says:

    Sorry you had to work, but it was nice that you sent handsom Waphels and his gorgeous mask and Sweet Cherubic. Love the banner.
    See you at the party


  37. 3rdEyeMuse Says:

    glad you were at least able to send ambassadors – hope they were kind enough to bring you a treat bag. 🙂

    best party gift … if you mean party favor, has to be the deck of cards from my best girlfriends wedding … if you mean prezzie, a heart that uber spouse made for me … hm, I ought to show it off one of these days.

    nice to meet you & try to make the rounds … I’m sure this party is going to last for days. 🙂 ~M~

  38. benson Says:

    What a delightful gift for someone! The best gift I ever received was from my darling husband on my 39th birthday when he took me to Paris, France! I had ALWAYS said how I wanted to go by the time I was 40–and I did!! The most magical, wonderful trip…like our tea party today!

  39. jenn Says:

    ooooh how fun!! Your party ambassadors did a fabulous job on their costumes by the way:):) I LOVE your banner…what a special treat!! My favorite birthday gift ever was a HUGE stuffed giraffe named Spot…I think I was around age 8. There’s a photo of us in my party post:):):)

  40. Mandy Saile Says:

    Little Miss Cherubic looked just lovely and I think all the pink lemonade did indeed dissapear at my party….was that your kitty who lapped it all up, ah that’s okay, he’s welcome back anytime. THanks for sharing:D Mandy Saile of Bijou’s Whimsy.

  41. Britt-Arnhild Says:

    Nice to me you at the party 🙂

  42. Melissa Says:

    Thanks for stopping in at my party (the Halloween one)! The first ambassador blended right in at my party — I have an all gray kitty, too. He was quite the gentleman, though, and let her eat all the candy corn.

  43. Paris Parfait Says:

    Fantastic banner! And your ambassadors are quite the hit, bringing much enjoyment to the party. Lovely meeting you here!

  44. LiLi Says:

    Ohh Waphels, you might have worked all night but your costume is definitely worth it! It’s so nice to meet you and the cherub, too bad “studiorose” couldn’t attend the party, will you tell her LiLi said ‘Hi’ and ‘thank you’!

  45. Melissa Says:

    What a party! MAgical banner my dear!

  46. marlen Says:

    Thanks for stopping by my party! I have enjoyed your tea party!!

  47. stephanie Says:

    you sure threw together a pretty great bash and go to work too!!!!

  48. Ann-Denise Anderson Says:

    Superb!!Sorry I am late, it’s takes a bit of time to see everyone’s inspirations! Come by for a animal crakers and tea, there is plenty left!

  49. Irma's Rose Cottage Says:

    What a great party, I’m still making the party rounds, glad I stopped by. Please come on over if you still want to party some more.

    Irma 🙂

  50. Christine Says:

    Now there’s a stylin’ cat! Sorry I’m late to the party but it’s been quite fun and eventful mingling with all of the guests who’ve stayed on for the weekend!

  51. Brook Says:

    I love the decorations and the costumesw! What fun!

  52. sherri Says:

    Just to let you know, your ambassadors were wonderfully behaved. No jumping on the table like some of the others. Lovely banner.

  53. Rachel Says:

    Looks like a fun party!! All kinds of good stuff!

  54. Karin Says:

    wonderful party! cant wait for the next one!

  55. Bethany Says:

    Love that festive cherub….and that beautiful banner!!!! Sorry to be so late to come by the party….glad you and the kitties had a fun time 🙂

  56. Carmen Says:

    i had to work too but here I am for a little bit of tea and ab-soul-tely for a smile !!!! Lovely!

  57. pamela Says:

    Your party was great fun – love th banner and
    how did Waphel’s sew on all those sequins???

  58. Laura Says:

    Hi there!

    You’re right—Waphels DOES look an awful lot like my Clyde J. Cat. Awful Waphels….that rhymes. But he’s not awful!

    Thanks so much for visiting me. I LOVED this Virtual Tea Party event. It was such a nice way to see all the other Faniciful Twist fans put their thinking caps on over a similar subject. I never cease to be amazed how many different things gloriously creative people can come up with.

    I really enjoyed your site, and I look forward to seeing what’s coming up in the future. Feel free to stop by mine anytime.

    Laura http://rhinestonearmadillo.typepad.com

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