Ze Tinkerbell…she ees done

Suddenly I’m French and I don’t know why – unless it’s because I’ve been thinking about my favorite Disney character, Lumiere from Beauty and the Beast.  He reminds me very much of my husband, what with his romantic, laid-back nature and goofy personality.  Also, my husband is of French descent, which is immediately obvious by his surname, Mallette.  (I looked it up once; it means “briefcase.”  It could be so much worse…) 

Anyway, I just finished an email-only swap in which we’re to share with three swap partners, through words and photos, the story of what we collect.  As you may have guessed, I collect items from the movie Beauty and the Beast.  I started shortly after the movie came out, which was roughly 17 years ago.  (I have quite a collection!)

So it seems I’ve been immersed in all things Disney lately, between that and the Disney matchbox swap.  I spent an hour in my studio (aka messy spare bedroom) this afternoon making the second matchbox, which has a Tinkerbell theme.  I was planning to use tons of glitter, but ended up only glittering the letter T with one of my favorite embossing powders, Judi-Kins’ Egyptian Gold.  I can’t ‘splain why I gave Tink a crown, except that I had a stamped one sitting on my messy art table and it just sort of fell into my hand.

tink box

Unfortunately, this is an “international” swap and both my partners live approximately on the other side of the globe.  Whoever is working at the local P.O. tomorrow is gonna grin like a Cheshire cat* when they see me coming.  Thankfully, the boxes are light, though large, and we weren’t required to fill them up with anything.

*yet another Disney reference.  They’re sneaking in everywhere!


2 Responses to “Ze Tinkerbell…she ees done”

  1. Terri Says:

    I was all set for a glitter fix! She is very cute, she wears her crown well.

  2. beshka Says:

    tinkerbell is so sweet. i like the crown, it was meant to be laying around! 😉

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