It’s finally done…

The wall hanging I started so long ago, that is.  Since I had used the birds from my blog banner (in their original color), I decided to make the hanging a tribute to my blog (and to the Etsy shop of the same name I’ll eventually open.  Need to get on that, come to think of it).

I had this rather grandiose plan of adding hand-made fabric or ribbon roses, perhaps around the corners of the bird images or just scattered here and there.  But I really prefer clean, simple lines (also, I am fairly lazy), so I left it as is.  Could not resist, however, the “bling” of gems on the crown and glitter on the letters.  I had to dye clear gems with alcohol ink, as I didn’t have any the exact right color. 

I really do love the look of a “busy” collage with lots of elements and tons of colors, and I admire anyone who can do it well.  Personally, I’m really bad at it.  So I stick with what I know – clean and simple.

I haven’t made a way to hang this yet; it’s just clipped onto our deck railing with clamps so I could take the picture.  I might sew two fabric tabs at the top and slide in a branch or a dowel.  A branch would be much cooler, though I’d have to go cut one from a tree and then make sure it isn’t infested with yucky insects.  ::shudder::  (Maybe I’ll ask Dude to do that part.  I’ll tell him I’m not strong enough to cut the branch myself.  Yeah, that’ll work.)


One Response to “It’s finally done…”

  1. Terri Says:

    Your wall hanging is so cute! Love the colors, the prints, and of course the birds. It came together perfectly! Good Job! (Yes, tell Dude you can’t possibly cut a branch, you’re far too delicate.)

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