The Chihuahua Handbag

Because, seriously…who wouldn’t want one of these?  I mean, I love my kitties, but…

“Yo qiero where’s my keys?!”

PS: The souvenir shop I found this in wanted $15 more than you can buy it for on-line!  (No wonder my eyes bugged out at the price tag!)  I found it at a place called (weirdly enough) Stuffed Ark:

No, I didn’t order one…I’m still considering the armadillo bag.  He’s so ugly he’s almost cute!



3 Responses to “The Chihuahua Handbag”

  1. Terri Says:

    Well, it’s true that you are a handbag petter. (Yes, I’ve caught you petting my vintage chenille bag!) I like the Boston Terrier much better than the chihuahua, it’s much cuter!

    My dogs would attack the armadillo, no doubt about it!

  2. studiorose Says:

    LOL! They would. I was thinking they should have made the armadillo bag the other way around – feet up – that’s pretty much the only way you see them around here.

  3. tiffany~shabbyscraps Says:

    Love the Chihuahua purse! so cute!!!
    xo, Tiffany

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