Write Place, Days 4 and 5

Hand-cut letters!  Who would have thought, with the plethora of stickers, die cuts and rub-ons available, that anyone would want to bother hand-cutting their own letters anymore?  What is this, 1997?!

Okay, turns out it’s super fun and not nearly as time-consuming as I remembered; especially when you don’t obsess about making them “perfect.”  Hand-cutting letters is one of the techniques we used for our fourth spread in the “Write Place, Write Time” summertime journal, which chronicles all the places we go in one day.  I chose an atypical day, because on a typical day, I’d either be stuck at work from dawn until dusk, or I’d be at home, avoiding going out in the heat.  I chose a day when Dude and I had to make a “stock-up” run (which we only do once or twice a month since we live 30 miles from either of the nearest big towns).

I have to admit, it was a BLAST making all these little shops and restaurants from scrap paper.

For the fifth journal spread, we did a unique take on pointillism (which I have spelled correctly at last).  We chose an image (Teresa suggested things like trees, flowers, birds, etc), lightly sketched the outline on our page and then filled it in with dots.  Teresa suggested using the tip of a paintbrush dipped in dye ink or paint to make the dots, using different sizes.  I used markers – quick & dirty, varying the pressure of each dot to alter the size.  I have no idea why I chose a duck, except that I have a wooden duck from Michael’s sitting on my desk at work that keeps staring at me from one beady eye.  I love ducks, always have; I remember begging my parents for one throughout pretty much my entire childhood.  (They never got me that Easy-Bake Oven I coveted, either.)

The other technique we used was a journaling prompt: pick a phrase (Teresa used “summer breeze”) and use the letters from the phrase to start each sentence.  We were to stamp or use stickers, but I hand-cut my letters again, because dangit, that is really too much fun.


One Response to “Write Place, Days 4 and 5”

  1. Terri Says:

    Isn’t this journal great fun? Man, you guys had a busy day, but fun and it does make an awesome page, LIsa. I’ve never seen the Wal-Mart look so pretty! LOL! Love all the commentary.

    Your duck is too cute! What kind of markers did you use? That was a smart idea.

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