After 20 Years He Still Grieves…

Okay, that’s a lousy title for this post, but that silly Mr. Bojangles song kept running through my head today, every time I thought about the fact that Dude and I have been married 20 years as of right now.  Twenty freakin’ years!  Good grief!  I just floors me that our wedding happened so long ago; I can remember almost every detail (especially the part where my brother-in-law flipped the bird at the guy who was videotaping).  I should really look up the “official” gift for the 20th wedding anniversary at some point; all I know for sure is that it’s not paper.  (Though I do love paper…preferably Basic Grey or Daisy D’s.)

My gift for Dude isn’t on any official wedding anniversary gift chart, but is rather “something sweet that he loves” – besides me, of course – chocolate-covered Oreos from the local gourmet chocolate shop.  I won’t say these were expensive, but I could have bought half a tank of gas for the same price.  (Gas: the new comparative commodity!  Remember when things were valued in terms of the price of a good steak?)

Anyway, they made these “special” Oreos for Father’s Day, but they were absolutely perfect for Dude, who works as a maintenance man and who, judging by the state of our walk-in closet, lives by the motto, “he who dies with the most tools wins.”  (Currently we are supporting at least three clerks in the Craftsman dept at Sears.)

(PS: Dude has very likely not been grieving the last 20 years, but I can’t be entirely certain after I spilled an entire Diet Coke with Lime on his recliner a few days ago.)

3 Responses to “After 20 Years He Still Grieves…”

  1. Cindy Says:

    LOL! Great post! Yeah, I guess gas will be the new comparative…sounds funny does’nt it. We hit our 21st this year, which is fantastic….but remember that scene in Grosse Point Bank, where Jereymy Pivens pushes Jon Cusack and keeps saying “Ten years, Ten years!”..that’s kinda the way I felt all that day…I just could not believe it was 20. Weird. Love the post.


  2. Tina Wright Says:

    Congrats on 20 years!! Thanks for the comment on my blog!!

  3. cathy nash Says:

    Love those!

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