Write Place

Today was a slow, tedious day at work – as was yesterday.  Thankfully I had a wonderful distraction in the form of a beautiful journal hand-made for me by my bestest gal pal, Terri.  She and I both signed up for Teresa McFayden’s newest Paper Bella Studio E-Zine, Write Place Write Timehttp://teresamcfayden.typepad.com/ 

Teresa’s E-zines are always fun; you get a new project three times a week for a month and all the directions are stepped out, with photos and sometimes videos.  Her latest E-Zine is just one cumulative project, a fun summertime journal.  When I signed up, I had no idea what to use for a journal and was far too busy to make one.  Hooray for Terri!  She made us each a lovely book with a painted canvas cover; hers is turquoise, mine spring green.  Terri does beautiful work, always, and I’m totally in love with this thing!

The directions for the first “spread” in our journals was posted on Monday this week; these pages are about defining yourself.  Teresa used patterned papers, alphabet stamps and colored pencils to create her version, and titled it “Me, Defined.”  I don’t want to completely copy Teresa’s work, so I’m planning to make my pages a little different than hers while still following the basic premise.   I brought my journal, my well-loved box of Prisma colored pencils and one alphabet set to work with me and completed the spread in fits and starts whenever I got bored with my normal duties.  I have yet to add a photo of myself, which will go in the “scribble” frame on the left-hand page.  (It will likely take me a good seven or eight, uh…years to find a photo that I actually like.)


2 Responses to “Write Place”

  1. laura Says:

    That sounds like fun, I was alwasy wondering wbout her classes!

  2. Terri Says:

    I think I have a nice picture of you – seriously. I’ll send it later. This looks like you had fun. I really like the quotes.

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