Trash to Treasure

I’m posting my Trash to Treasure Sunday entry a little early – late Saturday night – so I can sleep in Sunday morning!  I’m excited to see everyone’s treasures and am so happy to be a part of this fun show ‘n tell.

I’ll begin with my “oldest” treasure – the one I made the longest ago, that is.  There’s a flea market about 30 miles from us that we visit every so often when the weather isn’t too hot.  One of the “permanent” vendors is an elderly man who sells salvaged architectural pieces and old furniture.  This big six-paned window was only five dollars!  I didn’t have to do a thing to it (after a good cleaning, that is) except add a botanical print behind each pane of glass with decoupage medium.  I chose flowers that were mostly blue so it could hang in our living room, which has a blue carpet.

Recently Dude and I had a yard sale and got rid of a gigantic number of items that were taking up space in our guest room.  (Dude works as a maintenance man at an apartment complex and is always bringing home things that people leave behind when they move.)  The yard sale was quite profitable, considering almost nothing we sold had cost us anything!  But the best result was that the guest room was practically empty and ready to “pretty up.”  I began to haunt thrift stores for items to transform into the shabby chic style I love.  One of my first finds was this pair of hideous gold plastic sconces:

Of course they were only hideous because they were – well, gold plastic.  Nothing a bit of white spray-paint and judicious use of sandpaper couldn’t fix.  (I apologize for the strange glittery candle; it’s the only one I could find!)

Well, I could post dozens of things I’ve “trash-to-treasured” in the past few weeks, but y’all have lots more places to visit, so I’ll just show one more; pretty much the best find EVER!  We happened to be shopping at Goodwill last month when an employee wheeled out this gigantic bin full of items and began to unload them onto the shelves.  As she passed, I glanced into the bin and spotted a cluster of chandelier crystals.  Moving some clothes aside, I pulled out a gold metal candelabra.  “Hey, look, there are two of them!” said my husband – and pulled out another one.  $10 for both?!  I was flabbergasted.  The crystals alone are worth at least three times that!

Of course, I couldn’t leave these gold!  Out again came the trusty white spray paint.  This time I didn’t sand; I painted on a wash of diluted brown paint to “antique” the candelabras and then added some gold Rub ‘n Buff in various places.  It took a LONG time to remove and replace all the crystals, but it was so worth it.  I haven’t decided what color candles to use in these, but (perhaps ironically) I’m thinking gold would look good.

Thanks so much for stopping by for Trash to Treasure Sunday.  Enjoy the rest of your day!

25 Responses to “Trash to Treasure”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Love the window and the prints you put behind them. And the little chandelier love the color you did a great job on them. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Terri Says:

    I love the candle holder’s with crystals – that was an awesome find! You did good, Chick!

  3. Karen Says:

    Gorgeous crystals ~ what a difference a little TLC makes !!!

    Karen at ciderantiques

  4. Lea Says:

    WOW I am inspired! Those were great! I have to ask about the window… because I have old windows like that I have been “meaning” to do something like this with… When you decoupaged the botanicals on… did you only decoupage thee fronts only of the prints… or end up doing thee whole glass pane? Please reply, coz i really want to try one! Thanks, Lea

  5. Alisa Says:

    I love all of your treasures! Crazy how some plastic gold pieces and be made so pretty with just some paint and elbow grease!

  6. Elly Says:

    White paint does magic! That old window is really great, love it!

  7. studiorose Says:

    Lea, I put decoupage medium on the entire pane of glass; brushing it on with a big, flat artist’s paintbrush. That way I was able to center the botanical print more easily, as it could “slide around” on the glass. (Don’t use a foam brush, it tends to generate bubbles in the decoupage medium and make “visible” brush strokes.)

  8. Polly Says:

    The candleabras turned out great! Blessings… Polly

  9. Tiffani Says:

    OK, the window is just too cool for school! Gonna have to file that one in the old noggin’ for the future 🙂

  10. Rebecca Says:

    Love all of your treasures!! Oh yeah, the gold had to go! It all looks so wonderful!

    Hugs and Blessings,

  11. Margo Says:

    Wow! Lovely treasures! The window pane is such a neat piece and the botanical prints look great in it.

  12. Di Says:

    My favorite is your window pane with the botanical prints. It’s so cute! What a great idea. Thanks for sharing today. Have a happy Sunday! Di

  13. Says:

    I love the chandlier crystals….how pretty! Every once in awhile I still make some good finds at Goodwill! The window is also nicely done!

    Smiles –

    Chloe Rose

  14. Analise Says:

    Hi Lisa~ I adore your candelabras! The crystals are so pretty!! Loving your old window as well, very pretty!


  15. Barbara Says:

    Love those candleabras – what a find! The sconces are great, too. Nothing quite like white paint, is there?

  16. Melissa Says:

    GORGEOUS! LOVE those candleabras! What a find! Happy Day!

  17. Cami Says:

    A “judicious” use of sandpaper had me rolling! A makeover queen w/ a fabulous vocabulary. So diggin’ that! You’ve really duded up some beautiful things. Sometimes Goodwill is a goldmine.

  18. Cindy Roberts Says:

    Digging in boxes for treasures is the best! What a find! The fact that your husband was looking for you is precious!

  19. Joanna Says:

    wow! I love your candleabras! I really am interested in learning how to do that. I have tried several times, but mine never turns out. I think I rush the process. I am very inspired now after seeing your photos. xoxo, Joanna

  20. Cindy Says:

    Don’t ya love stuff like that? I do too! They look awesome and all it took was a wee bit of paint. Love the window with the botanicals. Great post. And hey thanks for coming by my blog and leaving a great comment. I appreciate it and now I found you!

    : D


  21. Jeanie Says:

    I especially enjoyed the window! That’s gorgoeus! The candelabras are beautiful, too!

  22. vintagesue Says:

    i just found your blog on wordpress. I LOVE IT. love your style. will visit your site often. the old window frame with the prints is gorgeous and the sparkly blue candle is super cute!!! thanks for sharing. sue

  23. pumpkinpinkcottage Says:

    I love it wonderful job

  24. themermaidstale Says:

    The wonders some white paint and sandpaper will bring……

  25. amy Says:

    The flower pictures in the window, what kind of paper is that? or is it fabric. Just curious. I have an antique window frame that has been sitting in my basement forever and I just can’t figure out what to do with it, One reason is I’m not the carftiest person in the world. So just asking so this may help me finish my project

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