Quilting? Not so much

When I was in my mid-20s and fabulously broke, I used to make myself simple skirts to wear to work.  Basically they were a tube with one seam, a simple hem and a casing for elastic at the top.  Aside from that (and a really awful “memory pillow” I made my husband for our one-year anniversary), my sewing machine didn’t get much of a workout.  I bought a new refurbished electronic machine on overstock.com a few months ago after the old one finally bit the dust.  (The repair shop wanted almost as much as it had cost in the first place just to let me bring it in!)  

I really like the look of stitching on paper art; it adds so much texture and dimension.  So I’ve been adding stitched borders and other decorative stitching to some of my collages.  Still, I didn’t feel my new machine was being utilized enough, so I recently joined a “quiltie” swap on Lenna Andrews’ wonderful Creative Swaps site: http://creativeswaps.blogspot.com/.

What is a quiltie?  I didn’t know myself at first, but I knew it would involve lots of sewing, and that’s what mattered!  Turns out it’s a miniature art quilt of sorts, usually 6″ square, which some people use as book pages and others make into lap quilts or wall hangings.  I couldn’t resist Lenna’s “spring” theme, which required that we use the colors brown and robin’s egg blue (one of my favorites).  I talked my best friend, Terri, into joining also, and we had a great time shopping for fabric.

I learned a lot making my quilties for the swap – mostly that I had a lot to learn!  Serendipitously, a copy of Quilting Arts magazine arrived just in time for me to learn a really simple way to finish the edges of a small quilt; before I read that article, I hadn’t a clue as to how I was going to accomplish this.  Basically you do a satin stitch around the edges and then trim it to size, which is done by setting up a wide zig-zag with a very short stitch length on the machine.  Even I could do that!  What I couldn’t do so well was the hand embroidery for my butterfly’s antennae.  The first couple were pretty amateurish (see photo below – this is the first one I did), but I quickly learned that many very short stitches looked a lot better than a few long ones, especially when it comes to curves.

Anyway, despite my lack of quilting experience, my quilties turned out okay and they were super fun to make.  In fact, I’m so confident now that I signed up for Lenna’s next quiltie swap, shades of summer.  (I can’t wait to pick out some pretty hot pink and orange fabrics!)


3 Responses to “Quilting? Not so much”

  1. Terri Says:

    Shopping is always the most fun! LOL! I really need to get mine finished, don’t I? Yours are so pretty.

    Are you ready for a quilting class? We could always go by the Olde Green Cupboard and see what’s up. It’s just across the street from Marshall’s.

  2. Greta Says:

    Ah you do have a blog 😉

    This is gorgeous!

  3. studiorose Says:

    Thanks, gals! (Greta, how’d you find me? LOL) I am so new to this blogging thing; I have to figure out how I can make it so I don’t have to approve comments. That was supposed to be the “default” setting, but heck, who knows about this stuff. (Hopefully I will, soon.) Thanks again for your nice comments!

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