Art for a Cause

Recently I sent a collage to Fiber on a Whim, which is taking donations of 5×7 artwork to be sold online, the proceeds from which will benefit cancer research.

I had been making these “tag collages” for about a month, after being inspired by a piece of artwork in the latest Somerset Gallery, in which individual tags were decorated and then framed.  My version uses a piece of sturdy chipboard covered with decorative paper.  The tags are glued on the front and the piece is finished with some lace or beaded fringe below and a fiber, cord or beaded strand as a hanger.  This is one of the first ones I made.  The background piece looks black, but it’s actually dark burgundy velvet paper and is quite lovely in reality.  (Why do pictures never do these things justice?)

The one I donated to Fiber on a Whim for their cancer event has a bird theme.  I’m all into the birds lately, especially since purchasing a Dover clip-art book that’s all about birds.  Love ’em.  The bird pictures are covered with 2″ square “Memory Glass” which is made by Ranger.  (Love this stuff, too.)

Next on the agenda will be to make some artwork for Art Now for Autism  I don’t know anyone personally who is autistic or who has an autistic child, but it is deeply satisfying to be able to help a worthy cause by creating something beautiful rather than just writing a check.  Now all that’s on my wish list is for someone to have an art auction to benefit animals, my personal favorite cause!


3 Responses to “Art for a Cause”

  1. Terri Says:

    These are lovely!!! Love, love, love the birds! When’s that Etsy shop opening?

  2. Greta Says:

    They are both beautiful – I don’t know which I like the best!

  3. Greta Says:

    Here try this site, it is run by Mixed media Artists Bernie Berlin

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